Welcome to the HCPG!

When Ami (my sister-in-law) told me that she had started a group for photographers on Meetup.com and volunteered me to be a co-organizer, I chuckled and thought that it would be fun to meet other photographers. I had never heard of Meetup.com and I never thought I would meet so many great people! All whom are interested in the same photography hobby as me.

Since 2002, when I moved to the Harford County area, I had looked for other folks/groups to hangout with and take pictures. I looked for area photography events and clubs. Nothing ever materialized.

Now our Meetup.com group is only 4 months old, has over 45 people in it, and is still growing each month. Most of the folks have attended at least one event, while many others have attended multiple meet ups.

In the last four months, we have started a Twitter account, Facebook group, Flickr group, LinkedIn group and now on the advice of another member, a Blog. I hope that you enjoy it, find it somewhat valuable, and mildly entertaining.

Check us out at Harford County Photography Club!

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One Response to Welcome to the HCPG!

  1. Natalie G. says:

    Ha! I see you took the bull by the horns! Good for you Mark. Glad you didn’t wait for me…my life is so, so crazy busy šŸ™‚ Yay!

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